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    Welcome to Grizedale Camping Site situated in a quiet corner of the Lake District

    The campsite is situated 1.5 miles south of the Visitor Centre at Grizedale. Grizedale valley itself lies between Coniston Water and Lake Windermere. A journey of four miles north takes you to the village of Hawkshead and a further 5 miles to Ambleside.Travelling south takes you to the local market town of Ulverston.

    We have toilets, showers and a wahing up area at our campsite with camping in the fields adjacent to the farm and in the wooded areas.

    Walks and cyclepaths adjoin the campsite, there is a local pub which serves homemade food, and shopping is available in Hawkshead. Cycle hire is available at the visitor centre.

    We allow campfires onsite and muddy paws are welcome!!

    Anyone wishing to have a campfire, MUST purchase wood from us onsite.


    Bowkerstead Farm, Satterthwaite, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 8LL

    E-mail: info@


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    Grizedale Camp Site
    Bowkerstead Farm, Satterthwaite, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 8LL
    Telephone: 01229 860208
    Email: info@
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